Vikingdom, the big budget film by local film makers KRU which was directed by Yusry Abdul Halim has been severely criticised by Chicago-based Norse mythology expert, Karl E. H. Seighfried for crudely insulting Norse Gods and followers. The film which was claimed to be based on research in Scandinavian libraries and mythology on the myth, history, legend and poetry. However, Vikingdom has managed to turned that all upside down, making Thor the protector of mankind turn out to be an evil tyrant.




Seigfried claimed that he had repeatedly emailed the people at KRU, including the Company Director, Shireen M Hashim on the errors and mistakes made in the movie but failed to receive a response from them. He continued by saying that KRU either lied on its research and openly questioned Shireen on her promotional statement., “In the midst of time comes the clanging steel against steel, a collision of myth and history… Vikingdom”, and asked what myth and history was the film based on? Undoubtedly, his question was not answered.

Today however, following worldwide criticisms, KRU admits that Vikingdom is indeed just a fantasy and not produced from real history. With that, KRU has once again been slated by Seigfried who said to Yusry in an open letter that he had sold out his own film company with his statement. The mythologist’s frustration started when Yusry openly told local reporters that the West themselves were unsure about the real existence of Vikings and Thor. In response to that statement, Seigfried insists that they know Vikings existed for it is a historical fact and they have evidence from archaeology, DNA, eyewitness accounts, law codes and chronicles. He then stated that Thor exists in the same way that the god of any people exists.

Seigfried also went on to deny Yusry’s claims of his criticism towards KRU was because the director is a Muslim by saying that he believes with his entire heart that all religions should be respected equally and feels  very sorry that Yusry does not feel the same way about respecting religions of others. Seigfried further criticised Yusry for doubting his credibility as an expert mythology and invited Yusry to Chicago to sit in one of his classes.


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