YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk recently revealed in a blog post that the company will take a different approach when it debuts its new girl group, reported Korean media.

Instead of adhering to the usual practice of introducing the group as a whole, before allowing the members to develop their individual music careers – like it did with boy band BIGBANG – Yang expressed that the company will do the opposite for its new girl group, which is expected to debut in October.

YG New Girl Group


Yang said “one or two members” will be introduced first, in order to “gradually gain acceptance from the public” before the group makes its debut. The 43-year-old showbiz veteran also revealed that the group members’ average age is 17 and that they are “fluent in a number of foreign languages”, making them well-equipped for overseas engagements:

When will YG’s new girl group make their debut?

“We are planning October for YG’s new girl group’s debut. The group has been preparing for a long time at YG – their debut is YG’s first one in 4 years since BIGBANG’s debut in 2006 and 2NE1’s in 2009. The trilingual members are fluent in Korean, English and Japanese. Despite their young age, an average of 17 year old, they are arousing deep attention not only in Korea but also overseas.”

How many members in the group?

“The project initially started off with a plan of 10 or more members in the group, but throughout the years there has been a fierce competition among tens of tryout singers and now remain 6 members. Unfortunately Yuna Kim, who was discovered on Superstar K, had to be excluded from the team for personal reasons. However, Eunbi Kim, a contestant from the same program, remains as one of the 6 members.”

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What is the promotional tactic of the new girl group?

“We are adopting a debut method that is utterly different from the conventional debuting ways that was applied to other YG girl groups. From October, we will be debuting one or two members at a time to see whether they are apt for the public. When we can see that the audience likes them, then we will move on to forming a proper group. BIGBANG’s all five members, on the other hand, made a debut as a group and then started working on their own work. It will help you understand better when I say that we are going the completely opposite direction with YG’s new girl group. In a nutshell, each member makes a debut first, and then they will come together to form a group.”


The as-yet-unnamed girl group is YG Entertainment’s first since the formation of its successful K-pop quartet 2NE1 in 2009.

YG Family Concert 2012 Press Conference

Meanwhile, BIGBANG’s leader G-Dragon is slated to perform in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 22nd June 2013 (Saturday) as part of his first solo world tour (OOAK). 2NE1’s leader, on the other hand, is currently promoting her first solo single.

Sources: CNA, YG-Life.

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