Hong Kong actor Andy Lau on Sunday expressed that he was “sorry” for participating in the Chinese spy thriller “Switch”, which has been widely panned by Chinese critics, reported Chinese media. Lau plays Xiao Jinhan, a Hong Kong anti-smuggling agent searching for two stolen halves of a priceless Chinese painting in Jay Sun’s“Switch”, which also stars Lin Chiling and Zhang Jingchu.

The movie has since been slammed by Chinese critics and cinema-goers alike for its cheesy special effects and confusing plot.

Andy Lau Switch


Speaking to reporters at a publicity event for his latest film “Blind Detective” at the recent Shanghai International Film Festival, Lau said he had “overestimated” himself when he accepted the lead role in “Switch”:

I have many flaws. Picking films, for example, is one of my big flaws. I often overestimate my ability to pick films, and thought that any script that comes to me will naturally become good, so I feel like I’ve let everybody down. I will be more careful next time. Sorry. Sorry.

Uh, well, not sure if that’s the greatest PR in the world though, Andy. But then again, this is not the first time the actor is openly dissing something. Also, despite the bad reviews, “Switch” has done relatively well at the box-office in China, and has raked in about 250 million yuan so far.


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