Fans of the sci-fi movie series Star Wars will be in for a treat with the world’s biggest Death Star model to be displayed at the Legoland Malaysia theme park. Made from 723,150 pieces of Lego bricks, the 6m tall model will be installed by the end of the next month. The model was designed to resemble the iconic moon-sized space station and super weapon that was first introduced in George Lucas’ “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope”.

The theme park’s model shop manager Stefan Bentivoglio, who headed a team of eight model builders for the project, said the Lego Miniland Death Star took 200 hours to design and will take another 1,800 hours to build and assemble:

It was designed by our Legoland California counterparts while the building and the assembling of the sphere is done entirely in Malaysia. The model will even shoot laser beams accompanied with sound effects to make the Death Star come to life from the silver screen. Hopefully, the models will be able to convert those who do not know much about Star Wars into fans.


The model will be placed at a dedicated area of the theme park’s mini land and there will also be interactive display as well as smaller replicas of popular characters from the movie franchise

He added that the sphere weighed about a tonne when completed with the installation of 135kg of stainless steel frames. He said that the 90 per cent completed model which is shaped like a sphere is about 2.3m in diameter and would light up at night with the help of about 10,000 glow-in-the dark Lego tiles to stay as true as possible to the one in the movie series.

Four different colours of Lego bricks – white, dark grey, light grey and luminous tiles were used to build the Death Star model and would be completed and displayed to visitors by July 26 for a limited period at the Nusajaya theme park. After that, it would be dissembled and displayed at other Legoland theme parks in Denmark, Germany, Britain, California and Florida.


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