Guang Ming Daily reported that Hong Kong singer Sammi Cheng may consider having a baby even though she has openly stated that she is afraid to go through pregnancy.

The daily reported that the 41-year-old had frequent arguments with her 46-year-old boyfriend, Andy Hui, over the issue. However, there is speculation that Cheng has recently softened her stance after seeing her good friend Andy Lau’s daughter, whom Cheng described as “very cute”.

According to Hong Kong magazine Eastweek, Cheng would often hear Lau describe how wonderful it is to be a parent, and it eventually changed her mind. However, she has said that she would ‘leave it to fate’ whether she has kids or not. The magazine also added that the couple were recently spotted keeping fit by jogging together, fuelling rumours of their baby-making plans.


Sammi Cheng Andy Hui

Cheng and Hui were together for several years in the 90s before breaking up. Since reuniting two years ago, friends and family have been pushing them to get married. Sources added that the two are planning to get hitched by the end of the year, and will try for a baby.

According to media reports, although Cheng was spotted wearing a new ring on her finger in Feb this year, she denied that she was engaged, and said she is ‘comfortable’ with her current relationship status.


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