What do you get if/when you combine a feline friend, a selfie (read: self-taken shot), and too much free time? A purrfectly silly new interwebs craze called, “cat bearding”. And what is this “cat bearding”, exactly?

It is when you grab a cat (and try your darndest to not get clawed in the process) and sit in front of somewhere, anywhere with a camera, wait till the cat’s head is tilted at the right angle, and snap a picture. When done correctly, you could very well end up looking like you’re rockin’ Santa’s beard. Yup. A competition-worthy beard.



Is there a point to it, you ask? No, of course not. Since when did any random Internet meme/craze ever have a point to it? One thing we can say though, is that some of the “cat bearding” pictures have turned out quite cute! Plus, this is perhaps only of the only memes to date that has successfully combined all of the Internet’s most favourite/common things of our generation – cats and selfies.

So, got a cat and some free time? You know what to do.


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