g.o.d’s, Park Joon Hyung expressed his heart following the unfortunate series of events that have recently surrounded his fellow former member, Son Ho Young. If you haven’t already heard, about a week ago, Son Ho Young’s girlfriend was found dead in his car. She had committed suicide.

Following which, Son Ho Young then attempted suicide too but survived the ordeal.

Son Ho Young Car


With regards to the events, Park Joon Hyung wrote on his Twitter:

As you know, our Ho Young is having a really hard time right now. Seeing my “dongsaeng” like this and being unable to do anything as an older “hyung”, I feel pained.

All I can do for him now is pray and always be here for him no matter what. So please everyone, do that for him as well. And also, try to put yourself in the shoes of those who have been receiving pain from these events, and please refrain from writing comments that don’t help the situation.


For the international fans, he added in English, “Everyone Please Pray 4 my brother Hoi & all the others who’ve been hurt by this incident & let him know we are ALL here 4 him ALWAYS~ We love you Ho Young”.


Meanwhile, Son Ho Young is said to be making a satisfactory recovery after being admitted to the Intensive Care Unit following his attempted suicide. An official at the hospital Son Ho Young is staying at informed Star News of the singer’s current condition, “Son Ho Young is improving. I haven’t seen him eat yet but right now he sleeping well”.


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