He might have retired, but David Beckham certainly wasn’t planning on letting his legacy “die” there and then. His eldest son Brooklyn has reportedly trained at the junior academy of London club Queens Park Rangers (QPR) and bookmakers are already offering short odds that the 14-year-old will emulate his father by playing for England.

QPR said on Twitter that he was training with them but had not officially joined their academy.

Beckham senior, who began his career by joining Manchester United’s academy also at the age of 14, retired from the game last week after helping Paris St Germain to the French league title but now has a home in London. Bookmakers are offering odds of 12-1 that Brooklyn will play for England but only 9-2 to play in the Premier League.



Well, well. We might just have another exciting generation of “Beckham in football” in the near future! Can’t say we’re not the least bit excited about this.


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