Alternative K-Pop artist, TVXQ!, delighted thousands of Malaysian fans in a spectacular comeback show at Stadium Malawati last Saturday – an event that Cassiopeia throughout the country awaited for six years! The K-Pop phenomenon was greeted by an overwhelming cheer from the crowd as Max (Changmin) and U-Know (Yunho) took to the stage with their opening performance of “Rising Sun”.

Fans went wild with excitement as each of the boys serenaded the audience with a solo. Max’s heartfelt performance of “Confession” – a track written by him for TVXQ’s “Keep Your Head Down” album was immediately followed by U-Know’s enchanting performance of “Honey Funny Bunny”. TVXQ! then went on to dazzle the audience with their dynamic hits – “Humanoids”, “Catch Me”, and “Mirotic”, among other much loved tracks.

TVXQ Catch Me Tour Malaysia Concert (24) TVXQ Catch Me Tour Malaysia Concert (25)


Last Saturday night’s performance was part of their comeback TVXQ! “Catch Me” Live World Tour, which has sold out stadiums and arenas across Asia. It also marked TVXQ!’s third appearance in Malaysia since the band was formed in 2003 and is their first time performing in Malaysia since briefly stepping out of the limelight six years ago.

TVXQ!’s fan following in Malaysia has continued to grow in spite of their hiatus from the music scene, a fact made clear during the concert with many new fans joining thousands of long-time Cassiopeia as they sang and danced along to their favourite TVXQ! hits.

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As the end to a spectacular evening neared and the boys left the stage, fans called for an encore – singing TVXQ’s ballad “I Swear” and waving banners in unison. Thanking fans for patiently awaiting their return, Max and U-Know were met by a great cheer from fans as they promised their next tour would not leave Malaysians waiting for long.

JPM Music collaborated with Korean companies SM Entertainment and Dream Maker Entertainment whilst also teaming up with joint presenter Magnum Live to make the concert in Malaysia possible. Authentic Korean restaurant chain DaoRae, provided specialized meals for the band’s entourage and is also offering concert ticket holders a 10% discount when they dine at the Solaris, Mont Kiara outlet anytime in May.

Check out what happened at the TVXQ! “Catch Me” Live World Tour 2013 in Malaysia press conference here.

For more pictures from TVXQ!’s “Catch Me” Live World Tour 2013 in Malaysia, check out the gallery of pics:

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