So, it looks like one of the world’s Top 100 DJs decided to get busy reworking his chart-topping track, “Levels”. Released in 2011, Initially named, “ID”, “Levels” have sold over 4,000,000 records and its music video has had 63,155,871 views to date on YouTube. It has also previously reached #1 on the Billboard English Dance Chart.

But was young EDM king Avicii ready to let it go? No.

The 23-year-old Swedish DJ/producer recently released a new “Levels” single titled, “Levels with Seulong from 2AM”. Yup. It is indeed a version of Avicii’s crazily popular trac featuring vocals from JYP Entertainment’s K-Pop idol group 2AM. But see, here’s the thing, 2AM is a ballad group. And Seulong’s voice sounds like, well, this:


Thoughts, anyone? For what it’s worth, if you’ve ever wondered what the Korean version of “Levels” would sound like, there’s your answer!

Meanwhile, Avicii is due to perform in Korea at Ultra Music Festival Korea aka UMF Korea on 14th and 15th June 2013.

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