Well, it’s pretty evident that Taiwan pop trio S.H.E’s member Ella Chen is no longer a tomboy. As a matter of fact, she’s as girly as a happily married girl can get! A year after marrying her Malaysian beau Alvin Lai, she has become very feminine, and she proved it well when she gushed about her loving husband over her micro blog on Monday, thanking him for a giving her a “wonderful wedding anniversary”.

“A year passes by so quickly, and I wear a happy smile to sleep every day, because you give me all your love, and put up with everything about me.Thank you for being so good to me, and giving me a wonderful anniversary, a thoughtful gift! I love you hubby, thank you!”, she wrote in her ultra-sweet micro blog post.

Ella Chen Alvin Lai Wedding


The couple wed on 5th May last year, at a glitzy wedding ceremony in Taipei, which was attended by Chen’s S.H.E. group mates Hebe Tien and Selina Jen, along with her celebrity friends like Barbie Hsu and Jerry Yan.


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