Things are heating up at the YG Entertainment HQ as they’ve just released a few ambiguous teasers. Not too long ago, they sent fangirls and fanboys into a frenzy of anticipation when they steadily released Lee Hi’s debut piece by piece over social media channels. And now, they’re doing it again!

Yesterday, YG Entertainment tweeted a picture of a poster that said, “WHO’S NEXT?” and, well, nothing else aside from the list of names of their artistes who might or might not be releasing new music. Right now, so many releases have been delayed e.g. Taeyang’s (of BIGBANG) comeback album, YG Entertainment’s supposed new girl group, 2NE1’s comeback album, G-Dragon’s (of BIGBANG) full album, that it’s hard to guess who they’re referring to:

YG Entertainment Who's Next Teaser


Though 2NE1’s text on the poster seem to outshine the other names. Just saying! Oh, but at least there’s a date for the reveal – 28th May 2013.

See, here’s the thing though, soon after the initial poster teaser was released, a video teaser made its way around the interwebs. Titled, “2NE1 Loves Vol.1 – CL Loves”, the video came with a link to a website here.

Watch the vid:

2NE1 LOVES Vol.1 – CL LOVES from 2ne1loves on Vimeo.

Not sure why the video was uploaded on a separate channel or why there’s a separate website for the teaser. And we’re not even sure if the video is in any way related to the poster. The “2NE1 Loves Vol.1 – CL Loves” video features mostly 2NE1’s leader, CL but it does end on a frame that includes the other three 2NE1 members, Dara, Bom, and Minzy.

Which led us to think that there might be other “volumes” waiting to be released? Yes?

2NE1 Loves



The second and third teaser videos, “2NE1 Loves Vol.2 – DARA LOVES” and “2NE1 Loves Vol.3 – BOM LOVES” have been released! Same music, same concept, and a very pretty Dara and Park Bom. Check it.

2NE1 LOVES Vol.2 – DARA LOVES from 2ne1loves on Vimeo.

2NE1 LOVES Vol.3 – BOM LOVES from 2ne1loves on Vimeo.


Here comes Minzy’s version, along with an updated “Who’s Next?” poster! We’re getting warmer, aren’t we?

2NE1 LOVES Vol.4 – MINZY LOVES from 2ne1loves on Vimeo.

YG Entertainment Who's Next 2NE1 CL

In addition to that, YG Entertainment stated, “Starting from the 28th to the end of this year, a lot of YGE artists plan to make their comebacks. As 28th is the starting date, CEO Yang Hyun Suk and the agency artists and staff are preparing hard for it”.


Well, what do you know?

Who's Next CL First Solo Single YG Entertainment

CL’s (2NE1’s leader) first solo single in five whole years? Does this also mean that the “2NE1 Loves” teasers are for an entirely different project? We have more YG Entertainment goodness to look forward to?

28th May 2013, please come sooner!


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