Malaysians today will either celebrate or choose to continue fighting for what they believe in. For those of you who are unsure of the overall stats from the 13th Malaysian general election aka #GE13, here are a few observations that you might want to consider. To help put things into perspective:

1) 80% of registered voters (out of the 28 million people in Malaysia) turned up to vote on 5th May 2013. That’s a higher voter turnout than vibrant democracies like the US (58%), Japan (60%) and France (72%). Also a record breaking total for Malaysia in the history of all Malaysian general elections.

Malaysian General Election 2013


2) DAP is the biggest winner (it gained 10 seats overall), while both PKR and PAS lost one and two seats respectively compared to the 2008 results.

  • DAP – 38
  • PKR – 30
  • PAS – 21

3) The three states that Pakatan Rakyat has retained – Selangor, Penang and Kelantan – were all won by two-thirds majority:

  • Selangor – Pakatan 44, BN 12
  • Penang – Pakatan 30, BN 10
  • Kelantan – Pakatan 33, BN 12 (reduced majority but retains two-thirds)

GE13 The Showdown

4) The seven additional seats gained by Pakatan are from Sabah (two seats) and Sarawak (five seats).

5) The final tally is BN – 133, Pakatan Rakyat – 89. Pakatan scores a net gain of seven seats.  BN forms the next Malaysian government, but still denied two-thirds of Parliament seats.



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