Just when you thought the worst was over for teen pop sensation Justin Bieber, he manages to lodge himself across all major news’ headlines again. The artiste, is currently on his European tour is caught up in reports of a drug bust. Yes, drugs.

According to the AP, a Swedish police spokesman said officers found a modest stash of drugs and a stun gun on his tour bus, which was parked in Stockholm during his concert there yesterday. The police apparently searched the bus after catching a whiff of marijuana from inside. But this doesn’t mean that it was Justin who was smoking it. In fact, no one has been arrested and there are currently no suspects. They didn’t even confirmed that the drug was marijuana as it’s still pending the results of a laboratory analysis.

Of course, this doesn’t come easy on Justin at all, having being photographed smoking something questionable in January. And just in case you’re wondering if he caught a whiff about this shocking piece of news or if he has gone on yet another rant, Justin has already spoken out on Twitter about this:


Justin Bieber Drug Bust


Poor boy. Seriously though, Justin? Drugs?


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