One suspect of the two suspects in Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings has been apprehended, according to an official with knowledge of the investigation. Another appears to remain on the loose in Watertown after a firefight with police. A 20-block perimeter was established as authorities searched for him.

The Middlesex District Attorney’s office said that the suspect taken into custody was pronounced dead at a hospital. The district attorney’s office did not independently confirm the connection to the marathon bombings.

A scene of chaos descended on Cambridge and Watertown late Thursday night and early Friday morning, as police confirmed an MIT police officer was shot and killed, and an armed carjacking led police on a frenetic chase into Watertown. Hundreds of police officers flooded Cambridge and Watertown.


The district attorney’s office said that explosive devices were reportedly thrown from the car by the suspects. Witnesses in Watertown said they heard explosions. Police officers were screaming about improvised explosive devices.

A manhunt has since been launched in search of the other suspect who’s still on the loose:

Boston Bombing Suspect

Just before 4am, State Police announced they would be going door to door, street by street, in and around Watertown. They warned residents to stay inside and not answer the door unless the person is clearly identified as a law-enforcement officer.

More to come as the story unfolds.


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