Samsung Malaysia Electronics reinforced its technology leadership through the introduction of its new Smart TV line-up that responds to consumer demands for premium design, smarter features, superior picture quality, and larger screen sizes. Samsung’s 2013 Smart TVs allow users to enjoy a more seamless, integrated, and immersive entertainment and viewing experience.

At the launch on Tuesday, Samsung also showcased its new digital audio line-up range to the local market, with new devices that easily turn any home entertainment setup into an optimal sound environment, and feature a number of wireless connectivity enhancements.

Samsung Smart TV Launch (5) Samsung Smart TV Launch (8)


The star of the show, however, it the new Samsung Smart LED TV F8000, which was designed to bring the most advanced TV experience ever to consumers. With Smart Interaction, the new Samsung SMART TV’s Motion Control technology can now recognize two handed gestures.

Apart from navigating and moving the cursor, users can now flip pages, zoom in and out of pictures, “Like” a social media posting and rotate an image all with their bare hands. There’s also an upgrade on its Voice Control feature, whereby it now recognizes 390 commands, compared to the 55 commands recognized for the previous model.

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Samsung Smart TV Launch (11)

Along with the new Smart Interaction upgrade, the TV features a new and enhanced user-interface for Smart hub that makes it easier to navigate and access a wide array of rich content. The new Smart hub categorizes the TV’s content into three different panels that are easily navigated with a flipping motion:

  • Apps Panel: Consumers can enjoy various applications and Samsung Signature Services (Fitness, Kids, and Social TV) more conveniently. The interface is customizable and also features recommended apps that users may find usefulC
  • Photos, Videos, & Music: Users can enjoy content anytime, anywhere, as it enables them to play their favourite content from any connected device and storage. They can also personalize the panel and create their own stories using the distinctive yet customizable platform.
  • Social: Whatever videos their friends recommend via social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be viewed here in this panel. The panel also featured videos that are trending socially, Skype call history, and contact list.

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For more information, visit their official website.


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