There are too many dogs in the world without loving homes. Each year, millions of dogs across the world are abandoned due to seemingly insurmountable behaviour issues, leaving them destined for lifelong incarceration or even euthanasia. What’s a difficult dog to do? Luckily, now one very special human is looking out for them.

That man is world-renowned dog behaviourist Cesar Millan, who is combating the global issue of canine abandonment and giving “unadoptable” dogs a second chance at life in his new series Cesar Millan’s “Leader of the Pack”. Millan’s biggest challenge may be training the candidates who are vying for a chance to give these dogs a new lease on life.



Following the wild success of his long-running series Dog Whisperer, Millan’s new show takes him to the beautiful country of Spain, where each week he transfers extreme canine cases to his new Dog Psychology Centre in Miraflores, just outside of Madrid. In each episode, three candidates from either the U.K., Italy or the Netherlands compete for the chance to adopt one special pup, with their dog skills put to the test in a series of special Cesar Millan canine challenges.

Meanwhile, Millan employs his “exercise, discipline and affection” method to overcome hurdles with dogs that are particularly skittish or aggressive to painstakingly rehabilitate each one and prepare them for adoption.

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To raise awareness about rescuing, rehabilitation and rehoming, Millan will go through a journey to show the difficult situation of rescued dogs and to demonstrate that it is not about the breed, age, size or the backstory of the dog; it is about the human who handles the dog.

Don’t forget to watch the premiere of Cesar Millan’s “Leader of The Pack” on 17th April 2013 (Wednesday) at 10pm and every Wednesdays thereafter at the same time exclusively on National Geographic Channel (Astro Ch 553).


For more information, visit his official website.

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