WeChat, the #1 most downloaded free social communication application in the world which recently launched in Malaysia, has announced its commitment to support local collaborations and will be actively rolling out activities related to Malaysians:

  • Local Ambassadors – WeChat has just introduced its local ambassadors – the award winning actor and actress, Lisa Surihani and Shaheizy Sam. Both the popular celebrities will be appearing at WeChat on-ground events to share their experience on how the application has improved communication and daily life. Stay tuned for more announcements from WeChat.
  • Brands in Malaysia – WeChat is going aggressive in partnering with brands in Malaysia to offer one-on-one consumer relationships via exclusive content reserved for followers. The brands on board are:  Lowyat.net, Domino’s Pizza, Station One Café, Avast Antivirus, Moola etc. Brand followers are able to receive exclusive, fast and live updates, as well as instant offers and promotions.

[youtube id=”j4RLmaSUvJo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

  • Localised Language – WeChat is the only localized application which offers Bahasa Malaysia for a customized experience for Malaysians. The application is also available for global use by supporting up to 17 languages including English, Chinese, Indonesian, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese and Russian.
  • Local Developers –  To amplify the social communication experience, WeChat is on the lookout for possible collaboration with Malaysian developers for more localized built-in features.

For more information, hit up their official website or their Facebook page.


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