Two Sabah-born women aim to carve their names in the World Guinness Book of Record for a challenge that has never been done before. KK presenters Cassandra Jane Albanus and Sham Sze Mian (Erica) want to dive in the open water and perform the first underwater broadcast.

“We have checked with the World Guinness Book of Record and learned that no one has attempted it before. People have done it inside a tank, but not in the open sea. We want to be the first to do it and we have been planning for it”, said Erica.

On Friday, Erica and Cassandra, or Cassie, performed a live underwater broadcast in conjunction with Astro Kasih’s longest underwater clean-up programme, which ended on Saturday. It was their second time doing a broadcast from the seabed for environmental conservation activities. The first was last year, where they participated in a conservation programme with Gayana Resort.


Cassandra Erica Underwater Broadcast

“It was challenging being underwater because we were using the surface supply breathing apparatus (SSPA) provided by the navy. We had to get used to it as it was quite heavy. Water kept gushing in and we needed to flush it out. We had to communicate with the people on the boat, too”, said Cassandra.

Prior to their live underwater broadcast, the duo underwent training for two weeks with the navy, where they were taught basic scuba diving and the use of SSPA. Navy dive team officer Lt-Commander Mohd Niza Wan Chik said Cassandra and Erica were the first women in Malaysia to use the SSPA, which weighs about 30kg.


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