Well, what do you know? A sex scandal has surfaced while Malaysia is cutting it this close to the impending general elections.

Last night, a blogger released several screenshots taken from a supposed sex video showing a man resembling a senior Opposition politician in a not-so-decent position with a unidentified woman. You could say that he, said to be from PAS, was caught with his pants down.

mustafa ali video sex 02


Blog MIK ran at least seven pictures of the politician in compromising positions aka having sex with the woman on the bed. The blog even ran a few posts prior to revealing the set of pictures, building up “suspense” to the latest “showtime” post dated 11th April 2013.

Some screenshots showed the woman clad in a towel, her face can clearly be seen as she’s staring straight at the camera.

mustafa ali video sex 03

Several other blogs have since picked up the story, with the pictures going viral as we speak. There hasn’t been any further news about the supposed 11-minute long sex video though, since it got removed from YouTube for nudity content.

But in any case, a picture speaks a thousand words, no?

mustafa ali video sex 06




PAS secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali has denied being the man in the sex video clip said to resemble a top party leader together in bed with a woman. In a brief press statement issued yesterday, Mustafa said he would not answer any questions on the issue.

“I am leaving it to my lawyers to handle it”, he added.


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