Aww. Scottish rockers Garbage are the sweetest!

During their concert stop in Detroit, MI over the weekend, Garbage’s lead singer Shirley Manson stopped the concert to introduce a couple. The gay couple, who are obviously huge fans of Garbage, were personally asked on stage to be given a little push towards their engagement!

And Shirley Manson wanted herself and the band to be a part of it.


Garbage Concert Proposal

The audience, unaware that it was going to happen was stunned when Scott Sauter got down on one knee and proposed to his boyfriend, Domenick Viviano.  Of course, Domenick  said yes. They newly engaged couple then embraced and posed for pictures with Garbage. After which, Shirley told the audience, “They said they knew they were meant for each other in this life because they both had Garbage CDs”.

[youtube id=”I0SULMU7kaU” width=”600″ height=”350″]

She later explained that she knew of Scott’s plan after he personally messaged them on Facebook so she helped him out by sending him free tickets to the concert and a couple of backstage passes.

Again, aww. Sweetest Garbage concert ever? We think so!


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