Looks like there won’t be any more sex scandals for Edison Chen because he’s all grown up and ready to settle – or so he has made it sound. Edison’s sex life has been the source of so much talk and gossip in Hong Kong ever since his photo scandal in 2008 which involved hot female stars such as Cecilia Cheung, Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan, etc.

However, those long days are gone now.

Now, speculation is growing on what happening with his love life – especially since he now has a girlfriend, 22-year-old Ann Hong. They met when she was a staff at one of his Taiwan boutiques and they’ve been going out for six months now. We hear that he’s even deciding whether or not he should move to Taiwan to be with her.


Edison Chen GirlfriendNN

32-year-old Edison reportedly told Hong Kong media, “There’s a high chance that I might move to Taiwan. I will check out the properties there next month”. Ooh! And you know what happens when a man in love decides to buy a piece of property near a female he’s currently dating. Future plans!

There are rumours that he has already proposed and she said yes, and that the wedding might happen next year. But let’s not pressure Edison about this just yet. After all, it did take him a long time to come to this point of his life!


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