Can you imagine yourself with Megan Tan, Amran Ismail, Azura Zainal, and Christopher Lay for a period of two months, undergoing a series of fitness routines and a specialized diet? With Kenny Rogers ROASTERS (KRR), this could be a reality as a health campaign entitled ROASTERS Health Watch (RHW) returns for its eighth consecutive year.

Themed “Celebs vs. Fans”, the challenge is proudly organized by KRR in partnership with Sports Toto Fitness Centre. Members of the public stand a chance to challenge their favorite celebrities in an eight-week long health challenge.

KRR - RHW 2013 - PC 1 I


Throughout the eight-week challenge, KRR will be providing participants with meals up to three times a week. To ensure participants enjoy the fullest benefits from the diet program, they will be equipped with a diet plan carefully designed by a consultant dietician. It will consist of practical food intake recommendations for an average Malaysian, incorporating KRR meals in the plan.

On the other hand, the workout routine is personalized by Sports Toto Fitness Centre. Participants are expected to attend a customized personal training program at Sports Toto Fitness Centre once a week. They must also attend a minimum of two group exercise classes a week in their own time.

KRR - RHW 2013 - PC 1 F

RHW 2013 will commence on 1st May 2013 and the final event will be held on 3rd July 2013. Winners will be judged according to the final results of their Body Mass Index (BMI), Body Fat Percentage, and Waist-to-hip ratio in comparison to their numbers at the start of the programme. They will also be monitored on their attendance and discipline through the period of the challenge.

Any contestant caught cheating in their diet or training programme will “Head for the Roast”, which involves additional exercises in addition to their individual exercise programme. In addition, their performance will be assessed in a mini-fitness challenge during the finals.

This year, participants stand a chance to win great prizes from Kenny Rogers ROASTERS, Sports Toto Fitness Centre, Brooks, and Takasima worth more than RM31,000 in total. Entry forms are available at Kenny Rogers ROASTERS Berjaya Times Square. The form can also be downloaded via their website. The closing date for all entries is on 23rd April 2013.

KRR - RHW 2013 - PC 1 G

For more information on Kenny Rogers ROASTERS, visit their Facebook page.

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