After a year of playing hosts to MBC’s weekly music show, “Music Core”, SNSD Girls’ Generation hotties Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun (otherwise known collectively as “TaeTiSeo“) will be stepping down. TaeTiSeo took on their roles for “Music Core” in February 2012 and turned the show around with their display of awesome teamwork, cheerfulness, and hard work.

However, it’s time for them to let go.

Representative of “Music Core” confirmed that due to TaeTiSeo’s busy schedules, they have no choice but to leave the show. The girls, who have expressed that they’re sad to leave, will record their final show on 13th April.


[youtube id=”Vdh58rOg-ks” width=”600″ height=”350″]

MBC will be getting new hosts to lead the weekly music program on 20th April. However, it hasn’t been decided who they’re going to be. “Music Core” has also reinstated the ranking system to the program and that is scheduled to debut on 6th April. This means that all South Korean terrestrial stations (SBS, KBS, and MBC) will have first place winners in their music programs again.


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