Kid Cudi, real name Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, announced his departure from fellow American rapper and friend Kanye West’s record label. In an exclusive interview with Los Angeles radio station Power 106 yesterday, he explained the situation and insisted that just because he’s no longer with G.O.O.D, it doesn’t mean that things between him and Kanye aren’t “G.O.O.D”.

He said:

I’m no longer on G.O.O.D. Music, and this is something that no one knows really. Me and Kanye were talking on the phone the other day. These have been things I wanted to talk to him about, about me wanting to start my own direction. He got it because he’s trying to start his new path and trying new things as an artist. He was just, like, “Man, I feel you. It’s cool”.


There’s no beefs, no problems with anybody on the label. It’s all love.

Kid Cudi Kanye West

Good to know that the “split” due to a creative evolution/direction of sort though because really, who would enjoy beef with Kanye? And of course, Kanye, being label head himself was the first to understand where Cudi was coming from. Cudi launched his own label, Wicked Awesome Records in 2011 and he made it a point to mention that he wants to solely focus on that as well as Chip.

On top of that, Cudi is also due to release his new album, “indicud” on 23rd April 2013. Woot! Talk about a hard worker.


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