Yesterday, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak announced that the Parliament has been dissolved and that all government-controlled state assemblies were also dissolved. This dissolution automatically paves the way for a long-anticipated general election.

Upon the announcement in a live telecast from the administrative capital Putrajaya, Najib Razak said. “The king has accepted my request to dissolve parliament effective April 3. The ultimate power of choosing the government lies in the people’s hands. Now, it is up to you (people) to face this general election. Let us move forward together”.

April 3 would also mark the fourth anniversary of his tenure as Prime Minister of Malaysia.


Najib Razak General Elections 2013

Under Malaysian law, the general election must be held within 60 days of the dissolution of the legislature. Reuters news agency reported that the election is expected on 27th April 2013 after a two-week campaign period. However, there has been no confirmation from any other sources.


The dates have been set for the impending Malaysian general elections, with polling on 5th May 2013 (Sunday).

GE Malaysia Date

Sources: NST, IBT, AsiaOne.

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