For the first time in years, Chris Brown is opening up about his past and his relationship with Rihanna. In an interview with the US Today, he said that his infamous 2009 conviction for assaulting Rihanna had left him humbled. The artiste, who is currently promoting his upcoming album, “X”, also insisted that he was a new man after a year of domestic violence counseling.

While they’re all good and fine, and looking at “forever”, Chris said:

I’ve been humbled by the whole experience.


From me losing everything, you know, to me having to regain public opinion or whatever it is – but most importantly, you know, knowing that what I did was totally wrong and having to kind of deal with myself and kind of forgive myself in the same breath and being able to apologize to, you know, Rihanna and be that man..who is a man, you know?

I think it’s just me proving myself once again. Knowing that what I did was wrong, and never doing it again. So as far as me and Rihanna are concerned, she knows my heart, and I know her heart. So I’m not really focused on the negative.

As for whether or not people believe that he has changed for good, he replied, “I think everybody is entitled to their opnion. You know, I have to just take it one day at a time; I can’t make everybody like me“.

RiRi Chris Brown

Well, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – if all of the above is in fact true, then we wish you nothing but happiness, Chris.


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