Last night, at Leslie Cheung’s commemorative concert, Tony Leung took the stage to talk about the late pop star. Tony revealed:

There’s something that I’ve always wanted to tell you. Not long after you left, I still continued keeping your number on my cellphone. There was a time I accidentally pressed your number and heard a familiar voice. At that time, I left a message for you. I said, “Why don’t we start over from the beginning?”.

I’m sure I’m not the only one on stage tonight who wishes we could start over from the beginning. If you could leave a message for us now, what would you want to say?


Miss You Leslie” was attended by Leslie Cheung aka Gor Gor’s fellow friends in the music industry and beloved fans who have been missing him dearly for 10 years long. Amongst the Hong Kong performers who attended the event included Anthony Wong, Hins Cheung, Joey Yung, Grasshoppers, Julian Cheung, Vivian Chow, Tai Chi, Leo Ku, Andy Hui, Karen Mok, Kiki Sheung, Kelly Chen, and Jacky Cheung.

Towards the end of the night, all the performers came together and sang, “The Moon Represents My Heart”.


10 years ago today, 46-year-old Leslie Cheung jumped to his death from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong. Moments before his fall, he reportedly called his former manager and friend, Florence Chan, and said, “I want to take a chance to have a good look at Hong Kong”. 40 minutes later, just as she was arriving at the hotel by taxi, Leslie called her again and said, “Wait for me five minutes at the hotel entrance and I will come”.

Five minutes later, she heard a loud noise and saw an object landing on the hotel pavement. Sensing something was amiss, she called Leslie – it went to voicemail.


Back then, initial reports said that he jumped from the hotel gymnasium but it was in fact a Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong suite on the 24th floor from which he fell. It was also revealed that Leslie wore a suit and fell onto a canopy on the second storey before hitting the street. Talk was that Leslie, who was openly gay, was battling depression because of show-business pressure but his eldest sister Ophelia recently told RTHK radio that his doctor said the cause was a physiological, chemical imbalance in his brain.

The news of Leslie Cheung’s tragic death shook the world and continues to hurt even until today. 10 years later, Leslie, do you miss us as much as we miss you?


Leslie Cheung

Sources: The Star, SCMP, Asia One.

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