Gosh, Groupon Malaysia has gone and done it again! Remember that one time they posted up a unicorn ride deal? Well, apparently now they’ve got superpowers for sale. The description for the deal on the site reads:

Like imaginary friends, super powers are never there when you need them the most. Impress real friends with today’s Groupon: for the price of your gullibility, you get a choice of seven types of powers from Groupon Malaysia. Choose from the following:

  • Invisibility (valid in empty halls, empty rooms & empty restaurants)
  • Glass wall vision
  • Ability to read your own mind
  • Super emotional strength
  • Immediately find parking
  • Turn money into cats
  • Power of persuasion

Oh did we also mention that the above superpowers are free of charge? We definitely want to purchase loads of “Immediately find parking” ones for our friends and for ourselves.


Groupon Malaysia Superpowers Purchase

How handy would those be!

Of course, being mere mortals, we need to remember that these superpowers come with 1x superpower but also 1x great responsibility which are neither reversible nor refundable. And if you’re afraid of ending up with the coincidental similarity with friends or colleagues, we suggest you best discuss your purchase with them beforehand.

Groupon Malaysia Superpowers

And just in case you’re afraid of not knowing how use your superpower once you’ve successfully purchased it through Groupon Malaysia, fret not. Them awesome people even prepared a handy manual for all y’all.


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