If you love f(x) and you love Anna Kendrick (oh my goodness her “cup” song in “Pitch Perfect“!), then you’re going to love this next piece of news. It seems that f(x) has taken Anna under their wing while they were in the US recently. See, the thing is, the K-Pop idol girl group became representatives of K-Pop artistes at the recent “SXSW” in Texas. And boy did that open doors for the girls or what.

They also took time to appear on “Funny Or Die”, the top destination for comedy on the web and a site highly popular for their spoof videos, with none other than America’s sweetheart, Anna.



If you’ve followed “Funny Or Die” closely in the past, you’d know that they’re not strangers to featuring some of Hollywood’s biggest artistes in hilarious stints namely Charlize Theron, Justin Bieber, Natalie Portman, and Bradley Cooper.

And now K-Pop officially joins the league of celebrities inducted into its popular archive of funnies! Check out the video below:

Excuse us while we replay it over and over and over.

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