One Malaysian actor definitely had luck on his side when he was picked to star in a movie with some of our favourite Hollywood actresses. Who would’ve thought that this day would ever come? However, the 26-year-old Aeril Zafrel made it a point to lay down his rules and regulations prior to agreeing to playing his role in the upcoming film.

Aeril, who spent a year studying religion in Terengganu and Indonesia, apparently told the media, “If it’s possible, I try to avoid scenes that involve physical contact. Prior to accepting the part, I told the director what I wouldn’t do – kissing scenes and bedroom scenes – and they were very understanding, so those scenes were filmed with some techniques to make them look real”.

He also said that the reason for that is because he’s just simply more aware of his boundaries in acting. Aww. Kudos for standing your ground, Aeril!


Aeril Christina Ricci

Aeril Zafrel (of “Budak Pailang” and “Hanya Aku Cinta Kau Seorang” fame) will star alongside Sharon Stone and Christina Ricci in what would be a love story. No further details about the film has been released as of yet but we’re already super looking forward to it!


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