Groupon, the global pioneer and leader in social e-commerce, and the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide, are launching a daily deal across Southeast Asia to support the empowerment of girls in Asia through school meals programmes.

From 25th March until 5th April 2013, Groupon will call on the general public to help provide a child with WFP school meals for four weeks and with a monthly ration to take home. 100% of donations go directly to WFP’s School Meals Programmes, implemented in 14 countries in Asia, including five countries in  Southeast Asia.

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Poverty and tradition often exclude girls from education; more than 36 million primary school-aged girls around the world don’t attend school. Combating hunger among children helps to improve school performance, close the gender gap in schools and empower girls by increasing their chances to have a brighter future.

One nutritious meal a day promotes regular attendance, as a poor family needs to provide one less meal per day for their children, and also offsets the cost of education. WFP seeks to increase the percentage of girls going to school through targeted interventions, such as take-home rations, which are given to girls in return for regular school attendance and which benefit the entire family.

Groupon Malaysia World Food Programme

It only costs US$0.25 to feed a child a school meal per day, so every donation makes a difference. To contribute to WFP for this initiative, click!

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