Virtual pinning board Pinterest has more than 20 million users to date and according to a survey, Pinterest users spend more time there per month than users of any other social network except Tumblr and Facebook. So, with that in mind, it’s no surprise that similar websites such as Pinspire, Clipix, and Stylepin have spawned.

Also, Maninteresting.



Maninteresting draws inspiration from the success of Pinterest and it targets the male demographic not just in content but also in its interface. On Pinterest, a user would “pin” images of their favourite things but on Maninteresting, a “land” where manliness is embodied via facial hair, “chicks”, “manly” food, beer, etc., they don’t “pin” things – they “nail” things.

They “nail” things onto “workbenches” instead of “pinning” things onto “pinboards”.

MANinteresting Nail

As for its general type of content, well, say goodbye to colorful macarons, lookbook shots, rainbows, and scented candles. Maninteresting is infested (and we really do mean infested) with pictures of tech, cars, bachelorhood, girls, sports, bacon, bacon, bacon. Oh, you know, “bro” stuff.

You dig?


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