When Hallo app was first released from Developer Hallo, Inc., we were elated! Who wouldn’t be excited over a new way of texting anyway, right? See, texting is limited and more often than not, emotions get lost in translation but Hallo allowed us text and more aka voice messaging.

The best part was that it also enabled its users to either send message privately to individuals and groups or publicly to followers. Needless to say, it opened doors for celebrities and they certainly did get busy making sure that they were “heard” by their huge followings of fans.

Hallo App


Fans even had the option of leaving messages for their favourite celebrity/comedian/athlete and if they’re lucky, they would get a reply or two.

It was better than getting a Twitter reply, really.

But just today, the Hallo team sends out an e-mail to say that they’re shutting down the service. Reason being not having enough resources to keep the ad-free, free app Hallo going:

Hallo Shutdown

A bit of a short notice, we know, but Hallo will be shutting down on 31st March 2013 and all data stored in their database will be permanently deleted. As stated in the e-mail above, the developers are also wiping the physical app out of both the iTunes store and Play Store, as well as taking the website down altogether. So if you want to save that special voice post, do it now.


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