In a strange twist of events, online hacker collective Anonymous claimed that they successfully hacked into the internal server of German studio Constantin Film, stealing international documents and e-mail addresses.

Together with a hacker team called, “M3du5a”, they published online what were said to be international documents with information on films in development that Constantin is considering for acquisition. One apparently has Emma Watson attached to star in Focus Features’ upcoming “Fifty Shades of Grey” adaptation, confirming a widely reported rumour.

Emma Watson


Wait, what? So the rumours about her possibly taking on the role of Anatasia Steele were true all along?

Not quite.

Almost immediately, Emma Watson herself took it to her Twitter account to deny (future) starring in the film adaption of the first book of E.L. James’ erotic trilogy’s rumours. She tweeted:

Emma Watson Fifty Shades of Grey

Tough luck, peeps. Looks like Emma won’t be biting her lip for fifty shades of anything anytime soon.


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