So, it’s pretty impossible for you to have missed the news about K-Pop idol boy group DMTN’s Daniel being involved with the “distribution” of marijuana. Distribution meaning, selling. Although he has denied smoking the drug, and although results from drug tests on his hair and urine have come back negative, he’s still being investigated for other charges.

Now, however, all attention has been focused on DMTN’s agency, 2Works.

DMTN recently “rebranded” themselves and were initially planning on releasing a new album in May 2013. As a matter of fact, they just had their comeback earlier this year, after what seemed like ages. But just as they were going to go full-on with their promotional activities, “maknae” Daniel gets swept up in controversy. And we know how heavily cases like these would weigh upon not only the individual but also the group in which he performs with.


DMTN Daniel Marijuana

2Works has since  commented, “We have not yet received the final ruling on Daniel’s involvement. However, Daniel wants to pay the consequences and carry out the punishment dealt to him for his wrongdoing. For the time being, we are currently looking for individual activities the members can carry out without Daniel. For the members who are currently already carrying out activities, they will be continuing with them”.

With regards to Daniel, 2Works said that he’s feeling very sorry to the company, the members, and those around him. Sigh.

Note: Yes, we’re aware that DMTN is slated to perform on 6th April 2013 (Saturday) in Singapore. There has been no word about it being cancelled or if Daniel will attend the showcase or not. Fingers crossed, peeps!

DMTN Singapore 2013


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