It looks like soon-to-be Mama Kim Kardashian is recovering well from her pregnancy scare a couple of days ago and having been taking leaps. Of course, we mean doing slightly crazy things – but nothing out of the ordinary from a day in the life of Kim K.

Over the weekend, Kim Kardashian got a bloody facial. No, we weren’t trying to be rude. You read right – a bloody facial. There’s no indication to exactly when she tried out the vampire-like skin treatment but a bloody facial is a bloody facial.



The 32-year-old reality TV star has never been shy about spilling her beauty routine on her shows i.e. spending USD2,200 a week on face, hair, and body treatments. So this one’s not that different – except that the procedure involves drawing blood from your arm. Yes, your own blood. After which, platelets will be spun out before splattering the blood back onto your face with nine very small, acupuncture-like needles.

According to Dr. Sofia Rubbani (an Oculoplastic Surgeon at Glow Aesthetics and Surgery on Long Island, New York), it works by temporarily plumping up lines as the body’s platelets and growth factors stimulate the production of collagen and improve the volume and texture of the skin. But it’s not cheap, of course. It costs about USD1,000 per session.

Before the producer, Kim said, “I love trying anything that makes you look and feel youthful”. She later posted two pictures of the gory beauty procedure on Instagram:

Kim K Blood Facial

Uh, what a price to pay an amount of blood to pay for beauty.

Sources: E!, Hollywood Life.

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