Hah! Step aside, “Harlem Shake”. If you haven’t taken over the world and claimed the “champions of all champions of viral videos” throne, you’re too late. Because the “original gangsta” is coming back with a brand new single!

South Korean superstar PSY announced yesterday that he’ll be releasing the much-awaited follow-up to “Gangnam Style” on 13th April 2013. On the very same day, PSY will also be holding a concert, dubbed “Happening”, at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. Watch the video of PSY delivering the news via this vid and see how many different languages (spoken and subtitled) you can count:

[youtube id=”xQZTZHashKg” width=”600″ height=”350″]


Yes, that’s Korean, English, Chinese, Thai, Spanish, French, Portugese, and Indonesian. Goes to show how “worldwide” he has become since his hit single hit more than one billion views. Let’s not forget how the success of “Gangnam Style” enabled him to win so many awards in the past few months e.g. 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards27th Golden Disk Awards, 22nd Seoul Music Awards, 2013 Korean Music Awards, 2nd Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards, etc.

Pretty sure he has run out of space for all his trophies by now! But we digress.


We can’t wait for his new single to drop next month! We can’t wait to see him at Future Music Festival Asia 2013 this week!


Not only will Psy be performing his brand new single, “Gentleman“, YG Entertainment has also confirmed that BIGBANG leader G-Dragon and baby idol Lee Hi will be making special guest appearances at Psy’s concert! The concert will be livestreamed via his YouTube channel to fans all around the world.

Okay so, who’s excited?

Sources: Time, soompi.

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