We already know that Rihanna is officially back on with Chris Brown. So “on” that she’s speedily making future plans. The 25-year-old singer told Elle UK that she feels that both Chris Brown and she have another chance to make it work. And by “make it work”, she means sans abuse, of course.

Rihanna said:

Now that we’re adults we can do this right. We got a fresh start and I’m thankful for that. Right now that’s just what we want, a great friendship that’s unbreakable. You don’t have that feeling with everybody so when you have it, you don’t want to let go of it. I would definitely say he is the one I have that kind of relationship with.


The statement above was also reciprocated by Chris Brown recently when he told the Daily Star newspaper that their love is for life and that they’re meant to be together. He also claimed that they were “stronger than ever”, insisting that assaulting Rihanna was his biggest regret. And by the way, Chris is still on probation for that!

Rihanna Chris Brown

On where she sees herself in the next five years, Rihanna said that she wants health and happiness. Above all, she said that she will probably have a kid.

With Chris Brown, RiRi? Whoa, girl. We’re all for it but first things first, get a wedding and a marriage in order!

Sources: News.com.au, CTV News.

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