In 2009, more than a thousand New Yorker rode the subway without wearing pants in a snowstorm. Until today, the “event” is still known as the “No Pants Subway” movement. Needless to say, it was epic. 1,2000 pant-less subway riders? It was epic, alright.

But did you know that we Malaysians have our own version of the movement?

Now into its second year, “Keretapi Sarong” invites Malaysians to ditch their jeans and skirts and don the sarong while taking the train on 23rd February 2013 (Saturday). The organizer of the event, Random Alphabets (RA), wants everyone to board trains in their sarongs at 3pm.


Keretapi Sarong 2013 Random Alphabets

As a matter of fact, we hear that you can even jazz up your sarong whichever way you see fit or want:

Last year’s event saw a kebaya group and this year we want to see more different styles. Wear your sarong with a white shirt, a football jersey, or even a cosplay outfit. Come as a sarong-clad Jedi or a sarong ninja.

Zain HD from RA

This year’s event is set to go beyond Malaysia as at least five cities have initiated local chapters of Keretapi Sarong. So far, there has been word about planned chapters from London, Melbourne, Washington DC, Boston, and Philadelphia.


During the event, participants are also encouraged to tell their “sarong stories” on a paper and hold it up. Photographs of the stories will be posted here and on RA’s Facebook page. As for the meeting point and the route of the gathering, you may visit their official website or the Facebook event page for more information.

Sarong Jedis! You ready?

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