As most of you might already know by now, the Oscars are happening in just a few days – in four sleeps, to be exact. Four! Count’ em. If you haven’t checked out this year’s nominees, we’ve got ’em for you here. While we wait to see which of our favourite Hollywood celebrities will be taking home the highly sought after golden statuettes, we take a minute to speak to Kelly Osbourne. She spills the deets on prepping for the Oscars and how they sometimes serve small bottles of Moet and granola bars on the red carpet.

We’re not even kidding:

Hi Kelly! What’s happening? How are you?


“I am very good thank you, I have just woken up because it is only like 9.30 in the morning in L.A and I have a day off and it’s nice to not have to do anything so I am staying in bed.”

How long do you need in the morning on a normal day to pick what you are going to wear?

“Depends what mood I am in or what I am doing. If I am waking up and going to the gym it takes me five minutes. If I’m waking up and going to a meeting it will take me half an hour. If I am waking up and doing something fun it will take me an hour. I’m not one of those people who spend that much time getting ready. It’s very easy for me, I just look at something and say I’ll mix that with that and that with that, ok done. “

Everybody has a piece of clothing that they really love in their wardrobe..

“I have this one jacket that my mum gave to me, it’s black and it fits for the summer and it’s thin like a blazer and has a bicycle cut at the front. I have had it for so long and washed it so many times it’s not even black anymore its grey (laughs). My mums always like you have 1000’s of beautiful clothes that people throw at you every single day and give you whatever you and you still wear that thing and I’m like yeah… I love it.”


Now, we know that you’re used to meeting celebrities but..are you still star struck when it comes to certain people?

“Yes, it’s really weird people that nobody usually cares about like people that I used to watch on T.V shows when I was a kid. For example, when I met Cyndi Lauper, and every time I meet her, there is something about her that I get like… there’s not many people that leave me with my mouth shut (laughs) but I am speechless every time I am around her because she is so smart and so inspiring.”


What does your get-ready-for-Oscar plan look like? When do you start?

“I look on everyday so we will have already sent in requests of what we want to wear and everything gets sent to us, sometimes it’s a month before, sometimes a week before and sometimes it could be a day before. If it’s a month before they will fit it for me, they will send it to a photo-shoot like at Vogue or something and then they send it back to me. For example, the dress that I wore to the Golden Globes I did the fitting for that before Christmas had to send it to Vogue and they delivered it back to me like two days before ready for the award show.”

Usually when a dress is used for Vogue, it is a very special dress!

“Oh definitely, I am very lucky like that because I have become very close with many designers and amazing designers that are just like ‘Save that for Kelly!’ and I’m like ‘Thank you so much!’ (laughs). Sometimes you get designers fighting over you for what dress you are going to wear and I’m kind of like ‘Oh my God!’”

It must be amazing!

“I don’t like that part of it because it makes me feel bad and then I try to figure out a way to wear both of them (laughs).”


What do you carry in your clutch when you go to the Oscars? What do you have on you?

“I have tissues, my lipstick, a powder puff that already has powder on it, and my phone. Because everything else is in my jacket pocket that is waiting for me on the stage that I do all of the fashion commentaries from so I just leave everything there.”

Because the Oscar show is quite long, do the stars have time to eat or snack in-between?

“It used to be that the only one that you would eat at was the Golden Globes and everybody would just complain how hungry they are at the other awards. Sometimes the red carpets are sponsored by people like Moet, Smart Water and Granola Bars. So they have these fancy stands that we can like get a little bottle of champagne or a granola bar it’s like really strange.”

Thank you so much for that, Kelly! We look forward to seeing you on television.

Don’t forget to catch “Live From The Red Carpet: The 2013 Academy Awards”, premieres Monday, 25th February 2013 at 7am or encore on Monday, 25th February 2013 at 9pm; “FASHION POLICE: THE 2013 ACADEMY AWARDS” 1st March 2013 at 10pm only on E! (Astro Channel 712).

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