LINE, the world’s leading mobile messaging platform, announced the global launch of LINE BAND, a private mobile group app that provides exclusive Social Network Space to efficiently facilitate and manage real-life relationships as a group.

The app offers a unique and private mobile networking space for the group to stay connected by sharing and archiving personal content without worrying about privacy settings or overloading everyone with excessive information. Keep in close touch with relatives living abroad by sharing family events, or post fun party photos from the weekend without accidentally showing them to your boss.



Think of it as Facebook, but for a more private, smartphone-centric usage:

  • Super Easy Join & Invite – BAND doesn’t require unnecessary information to join. After joining & creating a BAND, simply invite your social group members via LINE, SMS and other mobile messengers.
  • Customize Your Band – Design and decorate your BAND cover to illustrate your group’s unique characteristics.
  • Share Your Stories – Write news on the bulletin board, share photos on gallery, or just talk together in the chat room.
  • Post & Store Content – Share multimedia files including photos (Max. 10 photos at a time), videos (Max. 1 GB or 15-minutes-long) and even large files (Max. 5 files of 4 GB at a time). All large files in MS Office format can be previewed directly and photos can be categorized under an album for convenient retrieval.

LINE BAND enables one-stop planning with all BAND members by providing convenient and efficient features to organize offline gatherings. No more scrolling through past messages to figure out everyone’s preferences!

  • Conduct a Poll – All BAND members can vote for their preferred date and place of gathering to find a schedule that works for everyone.
  • Convenient Schedule Management – The smartphone-integrated group calendar enables users to save all important dates from members’ birthdays, anniversaries and planned meetings.
  • The Ultimate Address Book – Even if you don’t have everyone’s phone number saved on your mobile device, you can find it all in the Address Book.

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LINE users can conveniently download LINE BAND by checking out “Channel” under “More” tab on their LINE messenger.

Together with LINE BAND, LINE Play was also globally released. LINE Play is an avatar communication service where users can create custom avatars and interact with LINE friends and other users from all over the globe.


With LINE Play, users can embrace freedom of expression by decorating their rooms and designing their avatars, as well as enjoying communication within the smartphone avatar community. LINE Play is now available free on Android and iOS smartphones.

For more information, visit their official website.

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