In August 2012, YG Entertainment confirmed that they were going to debut a new girl group under their label named, “SuPearls”. The original team consisted of four finalists of the SBS survival audition show, “K-Pop Star” and they were Lee Michelle, Park Ji Min, Lee Jung Mi, and Lee Seung Joo. However, Park Ji Min later chose to sign with JYP Entertainment, giving up her “SuPearls” spot to Lee Ha Yi, whom we all now know as Lee Hi.

The long-awaited debut for “SuPearls” never came. And it would never.

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Just yesterday, it was revealed that “SuPearls” have disbanded. YG Entertainment stated:

We’ve decided to nullify the contracts of Lee Michelle, Lee Jung Mi, and Lee Seung Joo without any conditions. Even though it’s disappointing, they decided that they should break up for the benefit of each other, so we have decided on this unavoidable decision.

Out of all the girls who were supposed to debut under the highly anticipated “SuPearls”, only Lee Hi will be staying with YG Entertainment to continue her solo career. There are also rumours that Lee Hi is preparing to release her first solo album next month.


In a recent interview, Lee Hi confessed:

If four people are together, we could fill the parts where the others’ are lacking. If the team had good chemistry and teamwork, areas where I lack could be supplemented, too. The four of us were making something together for 5-6 months. Now that it came to nothing, I was so disappointed. The team was different from the original “SuPearls” (on K-Pop Star), but I think if we debuted, people would’ve said that we were really charming.

As for the other girl group that was supposed to have debuted on 15th January 2013, there has been no word as of yet. Hopefully, they haven’t also disbanded?



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