To be honest, “Flight” looks like one of those epic movies that based on some true accounts. And we’d be lying if it didn’t make us put ourselves in the shoes of those that were at some point or another involved in a plane tragedy. It’s true that we’ll never know what it’s really like to be a victim of such disastrous events, and perhaps we’ll never know if all airplane crew members are as reckless as Denzel Washington.

As reckless and at the same time, as much of a genius as Denzel Washington.


So here’s the deal – Denzel Washington plays Captain Whip Whitaker who, despite his drug taking and alcoholic dependency, managed to save a plane from a nosedive by maneuvering it out of its freefall. We wrung our hands in anticipation of a crash when Whip turned the plane upside down but as uncommon air disaster miracles would have it, he manages to “safe glide” the plane with some heroic gusto to a forced landing with not-so-much-force. Yes, Whip saves lives.

At least the lives of most people who boarded that fateful flight. Except for the air stewardess, Katerina Marquez (played by Nadine Velazquez),  with whom he had a “perpetually intoxicated blur” of a relationship with.

Still, he’s a national hero.

Further investigations showed not only that the plane was “broken” (read: faulty) to begin with but also the fact that Whip had quite an “interesting” toxicology report. So the real problem remains. And pardon us but from this point onwards, here’s where we start worrying about any future flights that we might board. Just saying.

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He’s an alcoholic and somewhat of a druggie, a personal issue in which he has spent his whole life either very defensive or in denial about. Even after losing his wife and his son. And he’s got his whole world lying for him just so that he can stay out of prison. So in a solemn tale of self-realization and redemption, Whip has to weigh out what’s morally right, what’s beneficial for him, and ultimately what’s fair to others. On top of a smattering of religious reasons.

You’ll see what we mean when you catch the movie!


Whip’s end decision? Find out when “Flight” is released in a cinema near you on 21st February 2013 (Thursday).

For more information, visit the movie’s official website.

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