Australian magazine “Woman’s Day” has bought the rights to photographs of a pregnant Kate Middleton in a bikini despite knowing that the royal family are furious over photographs of their Duke and Duchess being published overseas. More specifically, Italian magazine “Chi” were the first to publish the pictures. St. James Palace were quick to slam them, saying that by doing so was a clear breach of privacy.

However, Fiona Connolly (Woman’s Day editor) said she had no qualms about running the photographs. In fact, she expressed the following:

It wasn’t a hard decision to run these photos. She is on a public beach and she was mingling with holiday makers. There are other holiday makers in the photos. It’s a very different situation to the nude photos, there is no photographer hiding in the bushes and she is not inside a private villa.


The British have a great deal more sensitivity to royals than we do here in Oz. Aussies are a lot more laid back and when it comes to the beach and our readers will see these as something we do in do in everyday life. We see these sort of photos every day.

Kate looks amazing and fit and fabulous, she looks so much better than the poorly and sickly woman we saw coming out of hospital which make these photos more of a celebration. Everyone but the UK has or will publish these pics. The British press has collectively made a deal with the palace (but a) gentleman’s agreement over there doesn’t affect us over here.

Fiona has refused to reveal how much Woman’s Day had paid for pictures of Kate Middleton in a bikini sporting a baby bump.

And in her defense, she also said that her readers are going to “love” the photos and that she doesn’t expect any backlash from her decision to publish them.


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