One would’ve never guessed that the one person to be able to score higher than Einstein on an IQ test is 16 years old and blonde.

Lauren Marbe shocked her teachers when she got a score of 161 on the Mensa-accredited brain test after she was entered with her Roding Valley High School schoolmates for fun. The IQ test is designed to test a range of abilities to determine the level of intelligence of the student – in the UK the average score is 100.

Her remarkable IQ score means that she is now officially smarter than world geniuses Professor Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, and even Albert Einstein. All three men have an IQ of 160 respectively.


Following which, she was enrolled in the prestigious society Mensa, which also means that she is now officially in the top one per cent of cleverest people in the world.

Although the dedicated pupil was already considered bright after scoring a double A* in her science GCSE which she took a year early, Lauren Marbe insists that she’s your average everyday normal high school girl. The blonde loves fake tanning, blonde highlights, and manicures.


She wears make-up, she goes out, and she loves getting dressed up for parties – especially those themed around her favourite reality TV show. She is the daughter of a black cab driver and she dreams of one day being a performer in the West End (read: dancing and singing professionally).

She is now aiming to take A-Levels in art, physics and maths after her GCSEs, this summer, and would love to study architecture degree at the University of Cambridge. Hah! That sure shook the stereotype that blondes are dim/ditzy.


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