Entertainment blogger Perez Hilton has been put “in his place” again after successfully angering tween queen Miley Cyrus. The young star apparently raged after discovering that Perez had accused her of cheating on her fiancé Liam Hemsworth with “Gossip Girl” actor, Ed Westwick.

On a side note, in a make believe world, being associated with Chuck Bass has never been good news, eh? We digress.

Perez claimed that Miley Cyrus was seen getting into a car with Ed outside a Los Angeles recording studio. Like almost every other piece of “breaking news” that the blogger posts, this one had no solid proof but quoted a “witness”. Miley, who clearly wasn’t pleased, took it to her Twitter account to publicly blast Perez. Her retaliation included calling him a liar and telling him not to f**k with her love life:


Oh boy.

Obviously, it ain’t the first time that Perez has been blasted and shamed by a celebrity. He has always had a knack for making Twitterville explode with his unfiltered, false postings and name-callings. Tsk. Oh Perez.


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