Formerly a broker for a global shipping firm, Timothy Sangawa was thrown into a completely different world after he was scouted as a model by clothing giant Abercrombie & Fitch in Singapore two years ago. Since then the half-Japanese, half-English reformed city boy has been making a move into the modeling industry.

Recently, he was appointed the latest face of Li (Life Inspired). He officially signed with Li TV last May and has filmed many different subjects for “The Link”. We find out what that’s all about and more importantly, how being on Li is treating him:

Hi Timothy! How have you been? What’s currently happening wherever you are?


“Hi! At the moment I’m busy hosting my show, ‘The Link’ for Li TV, and also having a lot of fun emceeing events. Live emceeing gives you a huge adrenaline buzz, and being taken on by companies such as Petronas and Sepang International Circuit means that I get to indulge my passion for motorsports.”

Can you share with us some information on your background? How did you get spotted by Li and what made you decide to get involved in the TV/entertainment industry?

“I heard about the job through a friend of a friend. Li were screen testing a lot of hosts for the role as Face of Li TV and after a few rounds of meetings and interviews I was selected for the job!”

How’s your the experience with Li thus far?

“Working with Life Inspired is great. There’s a fantastic team supporting me and whenever we are on a shoot we always have a good time. It’s awesome being part of the Li family.”

For LINK’s Valentine’s special, the showcase features five restaurants, right? Can you share with us the highlights of the restaurants and why are these restaurant being recommended?

“The LINK is a collection of two-minute vignettes of lifestyle products on style, living, cuisine, wellness and travel from every corner of Asia.  It is called ‘Romantic Dining Spots’ for the LINK’s Valentines Special. The restaurants being featured on our Valentines special are restaurants that we feel have really gone the extra mile to offer diners an enjoyable experience not just in terms of food, but in ambiance too. A romantic setting is top of the list for a great Valentine’s location. The 5 chosen dining places are Sardine (Bali, Indonesia), One On The Bund (Singapore), Neo Tamarind (Malaysia), 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo (Hong Kong), YEN Restaurant, W Hotel (Taipei). Stay tuned as it will be aired from 7th February onwards!”


What’s the most memorable Valentine’s celebration you’ve ever had or rather, most romantic/surprising thing you’ve ever done for your girlfriend?

“Cooked a Valentine meal for her. I forgot to buy candles though!”

Haha! If the food was delicious then we’re pretty sure all would’ve been forgiven. In terms of career, what’s next for you?

“At the moment I’m fully focused on my work with Life Inspired. It’s always a good idea to have a future plan but I always believe that you should give 100% attention to what is in front of you right now if you want to succeed to the fullest. That being said, my two great passions in life are travel and extreme adrenaline sports so I’d love to do something that combines both at some point in the future. A parachute jump is still on my bucket list so maybe I need to convince my producers and camera crew at LI to come with me for one of those!”

Last one for the road! Is there anything you’d like to say to Hype Malaysia’s readers?

“Hi guys, I am Timothy Sangawa, the new face of Li TV. I used to make money by sitting in front of a computer doing a 9 – 5 job, now I believe that TV is where my heart is. I never would have thought that I’ll be where I am today five years back. Be passionate and you’ll get there! See you guys around!”

Timothy Sangawa is on Twitter so follow him for all things Li TV and his day-to-day updates!

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