We always love Livescape Asia for the surprises they hand us almost at last minute. And we mean good last minute.

You already know that they’re bringing Sum 41 to rock KL Live on the 14th of April (Saturday) in a Special Rockaway Showcase. And for the hardcore fans, we know you’ve all been waiting for this moment since the unfortunate cancellation of their debut performance at last year’s Rockaway Festival.


Luckily, patience is a virtue and good things certainly do come to those who wait.

Livescape Asia just announced that they’re running a Sum 41 “Meet n Greet” competition! So, calling all Sum 41 lovers, you now stand a chance to win exclusive meet and greet privilege with the band on the 14th of April. Nothing too fancy or too difficult to score those passes. All you have to do is:

  • Take a picture of yourself holding up your concert ticket in the most creative way
  • Send in your entry to [email protected] with your name and serial number of the ticket

See? It’s that easy! Want to shake hands with Deryk Whibley? Get to camwhoring!

Kindly note that only those who have purchased tickets for the concert are eligible to participate in the “Meet n Greet” session. Also, Live Scape Sdn Bhd terms and conditions apply.

For more information, visit Livescape Asia’s Facebook page.

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