Leave it to Berjaya Times Square to make walking up a flight of stairs a whole lot more fun. In the past years, the mall had been researching for ways to accommodate the growing traffic between the ground floor and lower ground floor. And what better way to accommodate shoppers than to install a musically fun access way?

After weeks of working on the concept, the management decided on a grand structure that will make walking up a flight of stairs as delightful as humming your favourite tune. Constructed in a little more than 13 weeks at the cost of RM 1.5 million, Berjaya Times Square’s latest “attraction” was conceptualized with an architecture marvel in mind.

Taken with a Samsung GALAXY Note II

Vibrantly lit in dancing LED sound graphs, the Grand Musical Staircase is designed to resemble a classical piano keyboard right down to its actual chords. Though, do not be fooled by its presentation as apart from the piano, there are harp, percussions, and flute notes embedded to give the Grand Musical Staircase four different sounds.


Amidst the grandeur of its design and state-of-the-art technology, the landing area of the staircase on the lower ground concourse is installed with liquid panels that produce ripples with every footstep.

Taken with a Samsung GALAXY Note II

It’s also dotted with fibre optic lights and zen-like steps which greet you as you ascend or descend from the stairs, giving you an illusion of walking on a sea of stars. We have a feeling that this is going to be a sure win for both young and old!

The Grand Musical Staircase – it’s music with every step.

For more information, visit their official website.

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